Testimonial on video

I certainly have been watching your videos, especially as similar cases present themselves in my office. They are awsome for learning and training. After taking your in office course, I returned home very excited and determined to make mini implants a major part of my practice. The videos continue to maintain that excitement and build tremendous confidence in my ability to take on the more advanced surgical cases.

If you are doing implants, or contemplating doing mini implants, these
videos are a great learning tool. They are excellent quality, giving a clear
view of the surgery. Dr Lemay narrates during the surgery, going over
protocols ,suturing techniques and shows the surgical technique as well as
the thought process behind every decision, including how to and when to
change mini implant diameters when bone doesn't appear to be as dense as the
radiographs suggest.These are a great tool for the visual learner, as most
dentists are.
Thanx, Dr Lemay !