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CMI Institute has developed several items to help sell treatment plans. These items include an informative picture treatment book, and a DVD for patients. CMI also offers 7 clinical videos to improve your skills and complete the training experience as well as special exclusive instruments to help with bone grafting procedures. CMI also offers our complete course instruction on DVD for both Dentists and Denturists, each offering CE credits.

book and DVD_68746144.jpgBook and DVD for patients
Sometimes, knowing what to do and how to do it are not the only things necessary to be able to do it! Patients need to understand and visualize what you want to do. Once patients fully understand, they are more willing to accept treatment. The book and DVD will help all your patients whether they need something visual like the book, or more audible like the DVD. The book outlines the type of treatments they may have, while the DVD helps to explain the technique and has testimonials from actual patients.
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image_categories.jpgClinical Case DVD's
Learning a new technique is always challenging, but research shows that even the most attentive participants may only retain a portion of what they have heard! Dr. Lemay has created 7 clinical videos filmed over his shoulder that will refresh your memory on what was shown in the course(s), and demonstrates how to adjust to different situations. Actually seeing the technique and hearing narrative explanations at the same time will help in being more effective and successful with your treatments.
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Bone grafting is sometimes a challenge so why not make it as easy as possible while using as few instruments as possible? Most of the following instruments were developed by Dr. Lemay himself after dealing with problems during bone grafting procedures.

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tools_87713071_3.jpgComplete Online Training Courses
Dentist & Denturist Online training courses are in English and represent the entirety of Dr. Lemay's lectures. The online training courses allow for easy reference and for training staff. They show how the mini-implant technique can be used successfully for removable partial stabilization and for fixed restoration in narrow space cases. Mini-implants help patients who need to stabilize their prosthesis but are not good candidates for standard implants due to lack of bone or financial restrictions.

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