Small diameter implants: Advanced training, Alternative options, Extractions and Bone Grafting for Mini-Implants


IMG_0522.jpgThis course is for dentists serious about their desire to offer mini-implant services to patients but are searching for the best way to do it. Course #1 is a pre-requisite, as participants must be familiar with the technique used. This course also benefits dentists who already have some experience with mini-implants and want to extend their expertise to more than just stabilizing lower dentures. Participants will learn how to use mini-implants for upper full dentures, partial stabilization, single or multiple fixed crowns, extraction cases and orthodontic anchorage. Participants will learn all the different applications possible for mini-implants in detail from standard to extreme cases and how to perform these procedures to achieve maximum long-term success.

rick3.jpgThe course is also for dentists who have previously placed mini-implants with or without success, and are interested in perfecting their technique to help even more patients. An exhaustive review of the use of the new 3.0 mm Milo implants will be addressed, as well as the use of prosthetic parts needed for fixed cases.

Finally, this course is the ultimate training detailing from A to Z how to solve extraction cases, partial or complete cases (upper and lower) in order to be able to place mini-implants and stabilize a prosthesis in the future. This course will help you better serve your patients with severe periodontal problems who will soon face the fact that they will eventually lose their teeth and need partials or dentures, but cannot financially afford standard implants. This course will cover how to perform these cases quickly and efficiently for your benefit and the one of your patient. The extraction and bone ridge preservation technique in preparation of future mini-implant placement will also be reviewed in detail.

This course is definitely for dentists who want to develop a profit center within their practice and dramatically increase office production.

Course #2 Curriculum:

  • Quick review of the three most important principles
  • Stabilizing full dentures; lower and upper, standard and extreme, non-surgical
  • Surgical lower cases
  • Stabilizing partials; lower, upper and unilateral
  • Single fixed units
  • The new Milo 3.0 and the Milo one piece
  • The use of cementable abutment
  • Multiple fixed units
  • Extraction cases; lower; upper (one and two step technique)
  • The use of Mini-Implants in Orthodontic cases
  • How to increase your success rate with mini-implants
  • Cases you must avoid
  • How to save a failure case
  • Extensive case error study
  • The dilemma of delayed loading
  • How to do an "in-house" removable partial in less than two hours and make your patient happy!!!
  • Esthetic improvement with the lip bumper
  • Bone grafting from A to Z
    • extraction technique
    • socket evaluation
    • grafting material
    • containment material
    • suture technique and material
  • Sinus lifts and Mini-Implants
  • Case study